What to see in Hopkinsville - CHRISTIAN COUNTY
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Hopkinsville has so much to offer from its location on US Hwy 68/80. You will enjoy driving through lush farmlands that are rich in history and heritage.

The legacy of Hopkinsville dates back to early settlers of the Cherokee Territory. Established in 1797 on the banks of the Little River, Hopkinsville’s impact on the history of western Kentucky is a result of its pioneering spirit and events of the times.

The Civil War and its divided loyalties, the Cherokee Trail of Tears had major roles in the evolution of the city. The city was part of the Night Riders of the Tobacco War of 1904-1909, which has its own re-enactment each fall.
Pennyroyal Area Museum is located downtown in a historical post office building. Memorabilia of the well-known clairvoyant Edgar Cayce is one of the most viewed exhibits.

Other displays are antique toys, cars, and clothing reflecting the history of the county. The Edgar Cayce Hometown Seminar and the Night Rider Tour is just a couple of the events that the museum hosts each year.

Hopkinsville was the major camp stop in Kentucky for 13,000 Cherokees who moved overland on the Trail of Tears, traversing some 1,200 miles from North Carolina to Oklahoma.

Buried along the banks of the Little River that runs through the campsite are Cherokee Chief Whitepath and Fly Smith. The camp location, now known as the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park is located off US Hwy 41.

Riverside Cemetery, located in Hopkinsville is one of several historic cemeteries in the county. Riverside serves as the final resting-place for Confederate and Union soldiers of the Civil War, as well as clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.

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