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The famous Light House Restaurant is located just minutes from Hwy 68 in Metcalfe County. It is renowned for Penn's Country Ham, freshly made biscuits, fried chicken and catfish.

It has been featured in many publications including Southern Living and is included in Gary West's best-selling book, Eating Across Kentucky. A short trip from Hwy 68 is well worth one's time for excellent southern cooking.

A tourism gazebo is located on Hwy 68 on the campus of Metcalfe County Middle School. The gazebo is part of the Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association's effort to encourage visitors to this area. In the near future, the gazebo will be outfitted with area tourism information.
The historic Metcalfe County Courthouse is one of the oldest east of the Mississippi River still used for conducting government business. The recently renovated building sets majestically in the center of the Edmonton Square where Hwy 68 and Hwy 80 join.
Historic Sulphur Well is located less than one mile from Hwy 68 in Metcalfe County. It is the home of an artesian well flowing with sulphur water noted for its medical properties.

Sulphur Well is also the home of the famed Light House Restaurant which has been featured in many national magazines.

The Edmonton City Lake is shown it brilliant fall colors. The lake is located on Hwy 68 right before the Edmonton City Limits.
The Gum - artesian well located at Sulphur Well. Continuously flowing with putrid sulphur water since 1845, the site was a tourist attraction for many years with folks coming annually for the water valued for its medicinal properties.

Travel less than one mile from Hwy 68 to sample the water.

Hunley's Grocery, located near the Metcalfe-Barren County line on Hwy 68, is a family owned 1950's style country store with just a few modern touches.

One can still get a delicious sliced bologna sandwich just like the day the store was first opened! Tongue and groove ceilings and original counters make Hunley's Grocery a unique place to stop and rest.

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