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The historic Highway 68 is a beautiful 20-mile stretch of road between Campbellsville and Lebanon where you pass from a "dry" Taylor County to a "wet" Marion County. Needless to say, the traffic is heavy on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Highway 68 north of Campbellsville includes the historic Muldraugh Hill, formed millions of years ago by the Ohio River when it was an nland sea. In the spring when dogwoods are blooming and in the fall when the leaves are turning the beautiful reds, yellows and brown hues there is a grandeur like the New England countryside.

The old Highway 68 was also the trail of John Hunt Morgan, Confederate general who led his Cavalrymen against Union troops. He was know for his hit and run tactics.

Be sure to read all the historic interpretive markers along highway 289, a short side road off Hwy 68. You will find Pleasant Hill Church as well as the Clay Hill Memorial Forest. History abounds along this route.

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